Despise You / Crom - split

(upper: Crom, other: Despise You)

As some of my friends know, I'm a big fan of Conan the Cimmerian. And I'm a big fan of Crom too. I mean the band, not the cimmerian god. And this is their split with the sweet-ass Despise You, which I love too. This little material is really awesome, and it contains only angry and fast power-fuckin-violence. These Crom songs are really cool, they dont have those sludgy riffs like the newer ones (I'll post those albums too, soon), and they aren't such long songs. I can only say: it rips. And I know, I dont use too many words to express myself. Haahahahaha.

Side Despise You:
1. Swing and cease
2. ....And always gets her way
3. Born in the dirt (Raised in a hole)
4. Despreciado me voy
5. Pa que te sirve?
6. Taste the steel
7. Tired of trying
8. Inborn outcome

Side Crom:
9. I'm crushing you
10. Mako
11. The aftermath
12. Dogboy
13. The clicker


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