new blog coming soon

hey, im starting a new blog sometime with a friend. it will be all about selfmade tape and vinyl-rips, ultraobscure stuff, what you need if youre a blastbeat worshipper. thanks for all you guys who followed the blog, i really appriciate it.

also, if youre into gay screamo and emo stuff, follow my actual blog on tumblr: heyits1984.tumblr.com

now go and have sex.


hey there

first of all happy holidays, and happy new year for everyone who's following my blog, or just came here for some reason.

well, the truth is im not really posting shit, as you can see. i have no motivation, what to post to any of my blogs on blogspot. maybe i'll start later a new blog on tumblr (i found out its way more easy and more goodlooking for me), maybe i'll just start blogging here again, maybe i'll never post anything new here again, who knows. nowadays i feel bitchy all the time, you know, good times / bad times syndrome, now all i have are bad times.

i thank everyone who clicked to follow my blog, you guys were a really big motivation for me, but i get not really much feedback for my posts, no good words or not even shit to take something off my blog. im not saying this is bad, or anything like that, i comment on other blogs really rare too, when i found something really awesome or i would like to correct some mistake.

fuck me, im complaining again, sorry to waste your time with this shit. please download as much as you want, but please support every band on this blog as much as you can (except ciccolina, of course), support your local scene too, or if you dont have a scene then start one!

hope ive helped you out with some downloads.
long live space race, long live molvania.
the best, marcell.


Step On It - some older stuff

I pretty fuckin love this band. They were one of the first hungarian bands that mixed thrash METAL with hardcore. Not hardcore with thrash, which is thrashcore. This is pure fuckin crossover thrash attack. This music is the allcaps THRASH for me. The songs are even faster than at usuall thrash bands. No bullshittin, no gayness, just ferocious the typical THRASH bulldozer sound. These songs were recorded with the previous singer. I love Máté's voice too, but these epic hardcore shrieks have metal edge, so to say. Really fuckin awesome. You should really check out Step On It, if you havent yet. (Links borrowed from the band, thanks guys!!)

Image Hosted by UploadHouse.com
Thrash, Baby! (2009)

Allchool monster (2007 )

Allschool Monster (2007)

Step On It / Filthpact - split (2007)

Hate Parade (2006)

Jack / Step On It - split (2006)

Kill Someone And Be a Star (2006)

Street Folklore (2004)


Ninpulators - Demotape

Ninpulators? Pretty weird name, if you ask me, but behind the awesome cover art, on the magnetic tape theres the fuckin apocalypse the mayans told us about. The band is Viktor Vargyai (ex-STVSU, Sofa King zine), Gábor Kobera (ex-STVSU, Hátsó Szándék), Peter Laczkó (Zero Tolerance), and drummer god Balazs Pandi (Otto Von Schirach, Venetian Snares, Rope Cosmetology, Drünken Bastards, ex-The Taktika, etc etc etc), so you can call if a supergroup. I call it. For me this is one of the best releases of the year, its just fuckin genious. Sounds like really old hardcore punk albums, with the same attitude!

Demo (2009)

Reflections Of Internal Rain - Last Flood

Do you know any awesome-as-fuck bands from Serbia? No matter if you do, I still dont, except ROIR. And they rule like fuckin hell. I could almost see them in october (I guess), but their fuckin government didnt gave them vizas, so the tour had to be cancelled. FUCK SERBIAN GOVERNMENT. SRSLY. They have been a few times in my country, but Ive always missed them, or didnt even knew they came... My bad I guess. But this is their latest album, you should definitly check it out. It fuckin rules. Just like these dudes. It can be freely downloaded from the band, they even offer free copies to every distro that asks for a copy!!

They play ultra-emotional hardcore, neocrust with a touch of screamo. Just perfect!!!!... So my plan for 2010 will be to see ROIR in Budapest sometime, I CANT WAIT!


Moribund Youth - First two demos

Fuckin WOW. MxYx was the very first hardcore band in Turkey. They're legendary for their agressive and raw sound. They now run under the name TURMOIL, and make fucken bastardcore, just awesome. Maybe one day I'll upload some shit from Turmoil too. So check and enjoy the beautiful primitivity and raw anger of Moribund Youth!

First 2 demos (1991-1992)