Cicciolina - brutal as fuck demo (hahaha)

It's my birthday today, so this is my gift to you guys. Cicciolina was a hungarian pornstar who started political career in Italy, blahblahblah. Check last.fm.

So. About this album. Its sick and twisted. Whats it all about? Sex. A very good friend of mine gave it to me (thanks Kornél!), and said 'If you listen to this, smoke weed until you say "This album is awesome"'. Hahahaha and he was right. Its HORRIBLE.

Please leave a comment if you downloaded it, and listened to the songs. I want to know your opinion about it. Tee hee.

1. Funky
2. Boa Bevezető
3. (O)Boa
4. Kebelbarátság
5. Petting
6. Magyar love
7. Igen
8. Charlie
9. Hencséren
10. Orgasmus
11. Lehet még
12. Ciao ciao


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  1. Thanks for this beautiful and very rare album.
    Many thanks.