Cobra The Enemy - demo 2005

Yesterday night I was at probably the best show in the year. Atomgevitter, Family Man, Step On It, Think Again played, and for my surprise my favourite thrashers, Black Sister played 3 songs as well. Then after the shows I talked to Roddy (from Atomgevitter, Black Sister, Poppy Pants zine, and Problem? Recs.) a few words. I met my idol. Hahahaha. This is his ex-band Cobra The Enemy's first and only demo back from 2005. 4 songs, under about 5 minutes, just thrashy-crust-hardcore. They played about 3 shows, too bad they split-up... HAIL RODDY!!!!!!! THANKS FOR THE CORGON!!!! hahahaha

1. Letters from the trenches
2. Business of the business
3. Two words
4. Walk the plank

(I've borrowed the link from Roddy's blog.)

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