Monarch! & Elysiüm - split

I think this is one of the sickest split on earth. The contrast between the two bands is as huge as a gigantic monolit in a Lovecraft story hahaha. Monarch! is a french drone/black metal/death punk band, with Eurogirl on its front. Their main influences are Turbonegro and Darkthrone, which is very good. They play fukkin slow creepy music, similar to Bonedust. Elysiüm is a french grindcore/power violence band, and they play fucking fast. When I first listened to this record I was like 'what the fuck'... A badass slow drone band has a split with a really fast and intense grindcore act. WHO THE FUCK CARES THIS SPLIT RIPS. Monarch has one 56 minutes long track. Not bad, eh? Highy recommended.

Side Elysiüm:
1. Amen Jésus Je T'aime
2. Short message
3. Menteurs
4. Áme sainte

Side Monarch!:
5. Amplifire Death March


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