DxIxEx / Ruido De Odio - split

this is the only thing I can say about this split. I know completely nothing about these bands, my friend Konrél gave this to me, and said they might be brazilian or some south american dudes. The main point is WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THE VOCALS ON THE SONGS OF RUIDO DE ODIO? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. THE ROBOT!!!! THE ROBOT!!!!!! OH MY GOD HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!%"+!%'+!%§"+!shjsthqwhgrGQOIÉERHGQERBGIWPERG HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

DIE is from Japan. Ruido De Odio is from Ecuador. Released on 7", 1000 copies. HOLY FUCKING CHIRST ON A STICK HAHAHAHAHAH

ps: sorry, no artwork. :(


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