For dudes who dig powerviolence stuff...

Hey guys Ive just got home, and felt like I need to do a post like this for some guys who might be interested in fastasfuck music like powerviolence, and want some must-hear-albums and maybe cant find some of these.

First of all, thanks for blogs like Am I mean? and Buddha Khan for these albums, Im too lazy to upload these stuff to mediafire... So sorry for using your links!

No Comment discography (1987-1993)
One of the most epic and most well-known powerviolence bands.

Crossed Out discography (1990-1993)
Fuck yeah, Crossed Out. One of my favourite bands, fastasfuck songs, just epic.

No Comply/xBräiniax - split (2006)
No Comply and xBräiniax are both awesome pv. bands, and this split rips as hell.
xBräiniax's ID3 tags are incorrect, but who cares, the last Lack Of Interest cover is awesome!

In Disgust - Reality Choke tape (2007)
Crushing pv. from San Joze. Brutal as shit!

Shank / The Endless Blockade - split (2008)
This split is just awully perfect. Both Shank and TEB are one of my personal faves, fuck everything!

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  1. Free hardcorepunk / powerviolence demo http://www.reverbnation.com/playlist/view_playlist/-4?page_object=artist_2952107 kártékony Csonkítás veszélye! támogatjuk Önt DIY punk zenekar elterjedt e körül!