Halloween special: The Most Honest Band (in the whole universe)

As some of you guys should know, I hate it when kids in my country celebrate foreign holidays, like halloween. So this is my personal FUCK YOU for them. FUCK OFF KIDS, WE HAVE FARSANG. (Don't take it serious american dudes, Im just jokin, Im not a fascist at all.)

Let me introduce the one and only, the ultimate, MAKKAY ROCK BAND. Theres no word to describe this band's awesomeness. If you've ever been to Budapest, you know this band, thats for sure. This band wont fuck around. They fuckin postered the whole city saying 'FUCK YEAH, WE'RE AWESOME AS HELL, COME TO OUR GIG, OR ELSE YOU'RE NOT TRVE' (although this band doesnt even know the meaning of being KVLT.)

I cant talk more about this band. Its just way to cool to write about, so check out Index.hu's interview with the band. (Sorry, only in hungarian, but watching it is still priceless)

Makkay Rock Band - Demo

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