Nihil Baxter - demo 2008

Nihil Baxter is a greatgreatgreat german skate-thrash-punk band, perfect music to skate to. By the way this band is also Surf Nazis Must Die, or NB was before it, I dont know. But they play pretty damn good songs. You should check their demo, it's really cool.

1.Hate Kill Destroy
2. Theme Song
3. Shiny new wheelchair
4. Praise by dancing
5. Just die
6. Male female fuck you
7. Sick of you
8. Punk is dead
9. Antifa do it again
10. Shut the fuck up
11. Deutchland du opfer
12. Girls hate sell outs
13. Weg mit er gesamtscheisse
14. I hate
15. Kill your idols
16. We carry


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  1. What's up friend? You can download the new baxter's 7" from my blog.
    http://youbleedwesmile.blogspot.com :)