Crom - Hot Sumerian Nights

I love Crom. Theyre one of the best band with the best lyrical themes ever. Just because I love the Conan-mythology. I'm a fag, I know. But this album is really amazing. Mostly sludge/stoner songs, some with really fast thrashy hardcore riffs, all of them surrounded with the bleak and fearful atmosphere of Hyboria, Aquilonia, Cimmeria, etc. They also have their own skateboards. BUY ONE FOR ME!!! hahaha.

1. Sons Of Set
2. Grim Grey Gods
3. Wee Hours Of The Snowgoat
4. The Nightbreed
5. Stygian
6. Thorgrimm's Lament
7. To Dwell In Blood
8. The Lurker Within
9. Wemon
10. Battle Axe Butchery - Banned In B.C.
11. Zamora
12. The Horn Of Tiafa-Diop
13. Sword Of Killer
14. The Nightbreed (Reprise)
15. Hot Summerian Nights
16. Worms Of The Earth
17. King Osric
18. The Ballad Of Subotai
19. Stygian
20. Second Koming
21. In The Year Of 13 Moons
22. Book Of Thoth


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