Los Vaticanos - Nerone 666 LP

I think this is a band that no one knows nothing about them. They have about 3-4 records, but nothing else. Theyre italian, ok. They play fast crust/powerviolence. Awesome stuff, I bought their 7" yesterday after a Step On It gig (they rock the cock!!!), that record is fucking ace, but I cant find anything about it on the internetz. One thing is for sure: they hate the christianity. Check them out!

1. Pena di morte per la classe politica italiana
2. Polvere 6 polvere ritornerai
3. In questa roma corrotta
4. Avvocat strozzini legalizzati
5. Fuck off the church
6. Nerone 666
7. Questa sporca umanita
8. Uomini corrotti dal futuro
9. Tv merda
10. Acciaio


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