Horrid Cross - Demo I

Holy shit. When I came to put something new up, this demo was the first that came into my mind. I mean WOW. I didnt wrote a single line here in 6 days, and thats partly because its autumn break in school here, partly cause I spent my time listening to Horrid Cross. I have to say, I found the most awesome black metal tape of the 2000s, but this in only my opinion, of course. 4 songs, some say theres only 3 songs on the tape, I dont really care. Noisy-fuzzy-distorted as hell, fast, apocallyptic melodies that give me goosebumps. Fuckin horrid, I tell you. The band is not so old I guess, this demo tape was available at Irritated Corpse Zine, if Im correct, the guy who runs it plays guitar. Ok, nuffsaid, check it, you have to.

Horrid Cross - Demo I (2009)

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