PFA - River Of Chaos

Wow. Just fuckin wow. I have to say, Im amazed again by these guys. ROC is one of the best stuff Ive heard in the hungarian hardcore punk scene. Ok, that was maybe a bit harsh, but still fuckin WOW. I have to say, PFA is one of the most active band in Hungary, they do a lot of gigs, record every song and release it by themselves, and they always give something new.

I have to notice, that theyve played far the best show on OATS Fest last week, sorry other guys, I still love all of you, but PFA won with a KO at me. Thank you, PFA, Im your slave forever!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I just discovered your blog, and it's really great, I didn't know Hungary was so full of awesome bands!! Keep on the good work!!