Reflections Of Internal Rain - Last Flood

Do you know any awesome-as-fuck bands from Serbia? No matter if you do, I still dont, except ROIR. And they rule like fuckin hell. I could almost see them in october (I guess), but their fuckin government didnt gave them vizas, so the tour had to be cancelled. FUCK SERBIAN GOVERNMENT. SRSLY. They have been a few times in my country, but Ive always missed them, or didnt even knew they came... My bad I guess. But this is their latest album, you should definitly check it out. It fuckin rules. Just like these dudes. It can be freely downloaded from the band, they even offer free copies to every distro that asks for a copy!!

They play ultra-emotional hardcore, neocrust with a touch of screamo. Just perfect!!!!... So my plan for 2010 will be to see ROIR in Budapest sometime, I CANT WAIT!

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