Ninpulators - Demotape

Ninpulators? Pretty weird name, if you ask me, but behind the awesome cover art, on the magnetic tape theres the fuckin apocalypse the mayans told us about. The band is Viktor Vargyai (ex-STVSU, Sofa King zine), Gábor Kobera (ex-STVSU, Hátsó Szándék), Peter Laczkó (Zero Tolerance), and drummer god Balazs Pandi (Otto Von Schirach, Venetian Snares, Rope Cosmetology, Drünken Bastards, ex-The Taktika, etc etc etc), so you can call if a supergroup. I call it. For me this is one of the best releases of the year, its just fuckin genious. Sounds like really old hardcore punk albums, with the same attitude!

Demo (2009)

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