hey there

first of all happy holidays, and happy new year for everyone who's following my blog, or just came here for some reason.

well, the truth is im not really posting shit, as you can see. i have no motivation, what to post to any of my blogs on blogspot. maybe i'll start later a new blog on tumblr (i found out its way more easy and more goodlooking for me), maybe i'll just start blogging here again, maybe i'll never post anything new here again, who knows. nowadays i feel bitchy all the time, you know, good times / bad times syndrome, now all i have are bad times.

i thank everyone who clicked to follow my blog, you guys were a really big motivation for me, but i get not really much feedback for my posts, no good words or not even shit to take something off my blog. im not saying this is bad, or anything like that, i comment on other blogs really rare too, when i found something really awesome or i would like to correct some mistake.

fuck me, im complaining again, sorry to waste your time with this shit. please download as much as you want, but please support every band on this blog as much as you can (except ciccolina, of course), support your local scene too, or if you dont have a scene then start one!

hope ive helped you out with some downloads.
long live space race, long live molvania.
the best, marcell.

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