Step On It - some older stuff

I pretty fuckin love this band. They were one of the first hungarian bands that mixed thrash METAL with hardcore. Not hardcore with thrash, which is thrashcore. This is pure fuckin crossover thrash attack. This music is the allcaps THRASH for me. The songs are even faster than at usuall thrash bands. No bullshittin, no gayness, just ferocious the typical THRASH bulldozer sound. These songs were recorded with the previous singer. I love Máté's voice too, but these epic hardcore shrieks have metal edge, so to say. Really fuckin awesome. You should really check out Step On It, if you havent yet. (Links borrowed from the band, thanks guys!!)

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Thrash, Baby! (2009)

Allchool monster (2007 )

Allschool Monster (2007)

Step On It / Filthpact - split (2007)

Hate Parade (2006)

Jack / Step On It - split (2006)

Kill Someone And Be a Star (2006)

Street Folklore (2004)

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  1. some shameless self-promotion: www.myspace.com/harvestermusic-->you can download an album there, okay not hardcore but have strong hc bounds. it is grindcore/rockandroll bastardness. hope you like it. btw step on it is great as always.
    (és bocs, ha zavar ez a dájrektmarketing, de gondolom, akkor úgyis törlöd ezt...)